Residential Chemical Dependency Care

“Residential” CD Care at Lakeplace has been designed to provide individuals a period of intense  problem identification or awareness in order to reach their own personal time of surrender and sufficient motivation for change.  An in-depth, personalized understanding of the concepts of “powerless” and “unmanageabilities” (symptoms) is the first prerequisite in order to be in a position to identify and concentrate on specifically how to change significant living areas. Of course, the goal is for a progressive quality of recovering for all alumni and those affected.  


More specifically, this highly structured treatment regimen features flexibility in terms of total involvement from a minimum of two weeks to several months with a minimum seven days a week for 30 hours of group and individual counseling. Within their own abilities, clients are required to complete necessary residential program curriculum.  Attitude and effort are the key criteria regarding written and other assignments, modified according to an individual’s ability to comprehend and other considerations.     

Even though CD Care offered in a “less restrictive” or “non-institutional” manner is a major goal of Lakeplace; with residential as compared to outpatient, certain differences related to a more CD Care related living environment also exist. In addition to required medication administration for some designated clients admitted to the residential program, other conditions such as time allowed away from the facility, visits from family, property management, and house rules or expectations are well in place and clearly related. Residential clients are all included in exposure to or utilization of Lakeplace additional treatment services
(below) or the needed opportunity for sober fun, however these are kept in perspective of achieving an estimate of the most optimum balance. 
Step Down” to Comprehensive Outpatient as a Continuum of CD Care

Comprehensive outpatient may be used as an ideal cost effective continuum or “step down” from the Lakeplace “Residential” level of care.  Using Lakeplace residential care as a prerequisite, clients will have already been exposed to an intense period of problem identification or awareness. With regard to “first things first”, clients may be in a position to concentrate even more intently on their individualized plans of specific action. 

please see the separate description:              

“Comprehensive Outpatient” Chemical Dependency Care”):  


Additional Treatment Services 

These additional treatment services are included with and strongly enhance the flexible, primary chemical dependency care programs at Lakeplace.

· Lakeplace Professional Associates - These professionals assist individuals assess the role of alcohol or other drugs in the most significant areas of their lives (as illustrated on the opposite page). Their specialized experience from psychological, spiritual, vocational and EAP care provide a dimension to help instill in persons hope of how their continued freedom, based on specific goals (such as beginning visits to the local Community College), can eventually bring them satisfaction and purpose in their lives. (please request “Professional Associate” details)

· Lakeplace Retreats - The “Personal Inventory” 4th and 5th step retreat has been in operation at Lakeplace for the past twenty two years, benefiting over eighteen thousand individuals. The “Concerned Persons” Retreat can be a memorable weekend for family members and supportive friends. Lakeplace is privileged to enjoy participation by several outside individuals and professionals.  For information regarding retreats, please see:  “Additional Services & Related Components” and “The Fellowship Foundation” 

Additional Lakeplace & Fellowship Foundation Services

These additional services are vital for the success of all Lakeplace levels of CD care. Included are:  transportation to and from any Minnesota location, recreation & activities, living needs, retreats and alumni return visits.  

Flexible levels of chemical dependency care at Lakeplace Retreat Center are made possible only through the availability of lodging, meals (room & board) and all related enhanced living services.  Many of these additional services are provided courtesy of The Foundation or Lakeplace at no additional cost.  However, Residential CD Care room and board is a separate billable item.

Fellowship Lodge (Residential Men’s Facility)

This new “state of the art” facility has five separate complete apartment suites with limited, more intimate lodging provided for no more than sixteen  men who are receiving Residential Lakeplace chemical dependency care. With in-floor heat and a fireplace room, this facility is designed for comfortable living through any season. The spacious auditorium and congregate areas are finished in cedar and open to a one hundred foot deck with a beautiful, picturesque view of the lake. (please request a supply of detailed Men’s leaflets for your use)



The auditorium is available for presentations, group activities and watching TV or videos. The fireplace room  is appropriate for more informal discussions or quiet time only. Each of the nine bedrooms has a private bath. All living areas  have a view of the lake and are designed to be large enough to accommodate the entire recovering community. All apartment suites have kitchens. Residents have the option of preparing their own breakfast or lunch, however, congregate dining for the evening meal is required. In accordance with the notion of recovering and responsibility going hand in hand and teaching living skills, all residents help with either meal preparation or clean up.  

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