Additional Services

Retreat Transportaton



Lakeplace vans are available for off-campus events and to transport potential clients from their homes or any institutional statewide location to Lakeplace. Upon prior screening and authorization, the same or next day service is available. Here are some of the vehicles pictured in front of our administration building

Lakeplace Cabins

The several Lakeplace cabins are made available for “Family and Alumni Association Weekend Retreats” Please see Lakeplace Family Retreat, AA and accommodating 12 Step group events as well as for Non-Profit Organizations who serve chemically dependent persons.


Lakeplace Cabin 2

Lakeplace Cabin one Lakeplace Cabin 3

 Water activities at Lakeplace Retreat



Several recreational opportunities include basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, however, most popular are boating and fishing through any season,  including the Lakeplace fish houses in the winter months.




Fitness Room with a view

Fitness Room  


Here in the Fitness Room, overlooking the lake, presents an opportunity for clients to experience a sense of fellowship with others of similar interests. 

Laundry/Community Activity Room


Laundry/Community Room


This area contains exercise and recreational equipment. This setting is also designed to provide an opportunity where clients can share their own strength, hope and experiences

Woodworkng Shop

Woodworking Shop

The woodworking shop is where clients can practice their talent in working with some amazing, beautiful, mainly diamond willow projects or teach others with far less experience to learn a new skill. 

 The 12-Step Wilderness Walk

For many, just a walk along this trail can be a truly spiritual journey while pausing at the 5th Step Gazebo or any step bench for a view of an adjacent lake and to allow quiet time for personal reflection, meditation, and/or prayer.  Perhaps you may wish to take this walk with us?

 The 12-Step Wilderness Walk

Start of The 12-Step Wilderness Walk

Step 1 sign

Step 1 rest stop


Step 2 signStep 2 rest stopPathway at step 1 and 2


Step 3 RestStep 3 signStep 4 Rest



Step 4 signPathway at step 3 and 4

Step 5 rest stopStep 5 signStep 6 rest stopStep 6 signStep 5 gazebo

Inside of gazebo

















Step 5 Gazebo Step 5 Gazebo frpm below Pathway at step 5 and 6

Step 7 rest stop Step 7 sign Step 8 rest stop Step 8 sign












path at Step 7 and 8

Step 9 rest stop Step 9 sign Step 10 rest stop Step 10 sign












path at Step 9 and 10

Step 11 sign

Step 11 rest stop





Step 12 sign

Step 12 rest stoppath at Step 11 Back at the lodge step 12