Total cost is based on Lakeplace Residential, and/or Comprehensive Outpatient “Continuum of Chemical Dependency Care” as suggested by the “Individualized Plan for Recovering” and approved by referring organizations. Cost Includes All “Additional Services and Related Components” and Extra Services (described)

  • Sober living environment
  • Transportation
  • Recreation and activities
  • Related counseling and referral
  • Professional Associates
  • Lakeplace Retreats

Note:  Flexible “Continuum of Chemical Dependency Care” Costs depend on individualized need. Lakeplace Chemical Dependency Care is highly cost effective and efficient in accordance with our mission “to provide highly structured chemical dependency care in the least costly, least restrictive, non-institutional manner possible, consistent with the individualized needs of persons we have an opportunity to serve”.

Highly Cost Effective

  • No Costly Treatment “Modifiers”
  • Includes Additional Billable CD Care at No Charge (w/ Low Ratio of LADC’s to Clients)
  • Limit on Billing for all Individual Counseling Sessions
  • All Additional Services Provided at No Additional Cost

Please also see Reasons to Consider Lakeplace Retreat Center