The Fellowship Foundation

Charitable Intent

“To dedicate this special, spiritual place for use by newly recovering chemically dependent individuals, their concerned persons and those from non-profit groups such as AA, LP Alumni, The Salvation Army and other organizations for recovering persons they serve who may benefit from gathering in a retreat like setting.”

Fellowship Foundation Retreats & Accommodations

The Foundation provides the property and facilities occupied by Lakeplace Retreat Center and its cabins for use by families and The Lakeplace Alumni Association. The cabins are also available for use by Non Profit organizations serving chemically dependent individuals such as AA, NA, CMA, and special purpose groups who have made use of the foundation property and facilities for over twenty years.  This proves to be a profound experience for Lakeplace clients as these real world examples of fellowship cannot be duplicated by treatment groups or individual sessions with CD Counselors.


During the summer months Lakeplace Cabins serve as housing for retreat participants.  If there is no vacancy at the Lakeplace Center, accommodations are made at a local motel.



“To commit Foundation its resources for research, presentations and providing materials (at no cost) to and to communicate with organizations serving chemically dependent persons., information regarding innovative, cost effective primary care and related services.

The Foundation Chemical Dependency Awareness videos, its visit and follow-up on behalf of the Rehab Camp in Nicaragua and efforts to rationalize attention to “Spiritual Suffering and Spiritual Healing of Chemically Dependent Persons” (Dimension 8) as presented in the below video “Spiritual Awakening” are only some examples.

CD Awareness and Education

Spiritual Awakening

CD Rehab Camp – Nicaragua

For additional information regarding The Fellowship Foundation, please see Lakeplace Features:  The Fellowship Foundation